We are always looking to improve here at a smart HQ and realised that we were eating up space on our Mac computer hard drives with all the inventory check in and out reports plus all the associated photos from all the jobs we cover. Chris at Ambient Computer recommended that we should have a separate server with lots of memory to accommodate all the files and photos we store for our landlord and tenants so nothing was lost or mislaid. We thought this was a good idea and he supplied us with a 2 terabyte MyQNAP cloud hard drive with a matching mirrored drive which saves and backs up our files every 10 minutes. So all our letting agent and landlords reports and photos were now completely safe – or were they?

Selvan from Star PC Services, our IT support company suggested that there could be a problem if we had a fire, water escape or theft of the back up drive which was understandable. So what were we to do? The answer back up to the cloud! He set about researching this option and found it wanting and very expensive. If we lost everything and needed files straight away it wouldn’t happen quickly enough as it would take more than 24 hours to restore our files. The answer – buy another matching drive and locate it away from our office in a secure place – Selvan’s office in Orpington Kent. So if were to loose our local drive we would simply plug in the remote and away we go!

This goes to prove that we are dedicated to providing a good service for ALL our clients so no files or photos will ever get lost. We are investing in our systems to ensure complete security for all our customers, if they loose a file or photos – we will be able to get them back.

The back up drive will work remotely and will back up uploading all the files we have worked on in the past 24 hours.

It’s quite bizarre, our New Zealand typists and our hard drive are working overnight while we are sleeping!