Two of our clerks visited a large farmhouse for inventory and check-in – six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a games room, conservatory, gymnasium, two receptions, two cloakrooms, three inner hallways and extensive grounds.

The property had been refurbished throughout so there were no defects to note and we concentrated on listing everything in all the rooms to ensure that the landlords impressive property will be completely protected when the tenants eventually check-out. We also have a duty of care for the tenants and we noted that some light fittings and socket outlets had not yet been secured, showing bare wires and presenting a potential health and safety issue.

When the tenants arrived for the check-in they were shown round the property and we pointed out the loose electrical fittings and light builders dust in places, despite the professional clean.

Full, typed reports were available at 5am the following morning (thanks to our overnight transcription service in New Zealand) and our clerks added their photographs to complete a comprehensive 110-page document. After seeing it, the landlord called us to express his disbelief at the amount of detail that had been recorded and booked us in for the check-out in 12 months.

We can produce inventories for any size of building, big or small, and we charge by the room, so you always know what the costs will be in advance.