We carried out an inventory and check in this week and our clerk found that the ranch style banister on the landing had a gap between the center rail handrail and floor of 350mm and the same for the center rail and hand rail. The legislation states that the opening should be no more than 100mm as below.

The tenant has a toddler who could quite easily pass through the gap and fall down the stairs.

We advised the letting agent to contact the landlord to rectify this as soon as possible and let us know when it has been done in order to re-visit the property to verify.


Handrails and Banisters – Legal requirement

Building Regulations 2010 – Prevention from falling, collusion and Impact.

Guarding of stairs for all buildings

Section 1.39 

In a building that may be used by children under five years of age, construct the guarding to a flight of stairs to do both of the following.

  1. Prevent children being held fast by the guarding: ensure that  a 100mm sphere cannot pass through any openings in the guarding
  1. Prevent children for readily being able to climb the guarding