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Landlords – Know your Responsibilities

Being a landlord can be rewarding, but it is hard work. Outsiders may think being a landlord is a fun activity, more akin to a hobby than a job, but this isn’t the case. Professional landlords put a considerable amount of time, effort and money into the role.

Also, professional landlords have a lot of responsibilities. The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act has reinforced the importance of providing a safe and habitable home. If you’re a landlord who fails to offer suitable accommodation, you may be sued by your tenant.

This situation is an outcome no landlords wants, so landlords should know your responsibilities.


Offer relevant information 

Before the tenant moves into your property, you have an obligation to them. You should provide several documents, including the most current edition of the How To Rent guide. You should also provide the most recent version of the Gas Safety Certificate, and the property’s Energy Performance Certificate, EPC.

If you fail to hand over these documents, you may experience difficulties later if you have to evict the tenant.

Check the tenant has the right to rent 

Landlords must ascertain if the tenant has the right to live in the United Kingdom. The Right To Rent check falls under the Immigration Act 2014. Landlords who fail to undertake this test may face a severe financial penalty.

Landlords have maintenance responsibilities 

Landlords are responsible for the internal and external structure of the rental property, which should be kept in good condition. While minor repair work is the responsibility of the tenant, many landlords like to be kept informed of all issues.

Therefore, installing a reliable channel of communication between the landlord and tenant is vital.

Other landlord responsibilities include:

  • Placing a security deposit into a Government-backed scheme within 30 days of receiving the payment
  • Informing tenants about the deposit scheme
  • Ensuring all rent obligations are in the tenancy agreement
  • Have sufficient and suitable letting insurance

Landlords must also provide the property passes all relevant safety checks. If there are gas safety checks, annual tests must be carried out by a qualified engineer. There are also appropriate electrical safety and fire safety checks landlords must adhere to.

There is no denying landlords have a lot of responsibilities. Letting property is a significant activity, and there must be significant rules and regulations in place. While there is a lot for landlords to remember, adhering to these rules makes the process of being a landlord much more straightforward.

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